The must-do-list on your Sonoma Wine Country vacation

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It is time to find out all the interesting and touristy things to do on your Sonoma Wine Country vacation. Not all these have to be paid for, some are absolutely free.

Get the pioneer’s feel on the hiking trails of Point Reyes:

The Point Reyes grants you an unspoiled and a fantastic terrain; this spectacular hiking trail goes on for about 225 kilometers. It is secluded from the city hustle and pollution, your sense of oneness with nature is revived. You get that feeling of stepping back in time on how the Californian landscape might have looked like ages ago. On your free trail map, included are both hiking and biking routes. However, for the true pioneer’s experience, I recommend the hiking expedition. On hiking, you are much closer to nature, the feel, the touch, you are immersed in the little details as you stride along. There are also horses available if you wish to ride through the trail. The landscape on the trail varies from the forest, pasture lands, Meadowlands to chaparral ridges. This variety makes it a hiker’s delight, and you can choose any path according to your preference.

Experience Armstrong Redwoods with your family and friends:

Go on a picnic to Armstrong Redwoods park with you loved ones. This park has some of the oldest tree groves in California, with its great picnic and recreational facilities. It a just the right place to spend quality time with your family on a lazy sunny day. Some of the redwoods at this park are over 90 meters in height and go back about 1,400 years; the feel here is sublime. This park can be accessed from the Highway 101 and is located just about 3 kilometers north of Santa Rosa.

De-stress with an enzymatic bath at the Osmosis Spa:

Visit the Osmosis Spa to get a specially prepared bath for you filled with healing enzymes that detoxify, comforts and moisturizes your body and soul. Its Japanese styling has a calming effect, as you sip the herbal tea containing various enzymes from about 25 organic plants. After that is the hot bath which enhances the healing effect of the tea, while you listen to music invented to balance the brain activities. Then you get over an hour massage and facial treatment.

Enjoy the creative spirit of California:

With a thriving artistic community, and some of the major works of local artists on show at the Arts Council of Sonoma Country Gallery. It is the perfect place to imbibe yourself in most of the creativity California has on offer and the free admission, an added bonus.

A taste of golden California:

The Sonoma and Napa area of California are famous for excellent wine. Tour its vineyards and find out how your best-loved vintage is made. Observe a timeworn process still in use today to ferment grapes ripened in the magnificent Californian sun. See the aerial view of its vineyards and wineries on an air tour through the region. It is an unforgettable experience, something certainly to raise your glass to.


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