Oahu Island vacation ideas

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Oahu Island vacation ideas

The Oahu island in Hawaii is an amazing and magnificent place to be. Most visitors are attracted to its famous Waikiki Beach, filled with fantastic clubs and restaurants with exotic menus. Top activities on your Oahu Island vacation are surfing, scuba diving, canoeing, and swimming with dolphins. All the members of your family will certainly find plenty fun things to do.

Family vacation:

Oahu is well suited for a family beach holiday. There are a number of children-oriented programs at most of the Waikiki Beach Hotels. These activities will keep your children happy. The Waikiki Aquarium and the Life Park of Hawaii are a few spots for your whole household to enjoy.

The water at Waikiki Beach is typically calm and shallow all year round, this is particularly true during winter. Which makes it an ideal place for swimmers and surfers of all proficiency.


For adventurers, there are many water activities to hone your skills, from surfing to windsurfing. Some of the available activities on the land are parachuting, biking about the mountain range and hiking through the rain forest.

Most shops on Waikiki Beach rent surfboards, canoes, and other beach gear. There is also the Kapiolani Park for tennis, jogging, and archery


A few people visit Oahu to renew wedding vows at plush beach services, cater for by some hotels on the island. If you long for a taste of pink beer, the Mai Tai is your bar. 10 minutes away from Waikiki Beach is the much more quite Kahala Mandarin Oriental. Its stretch of sandy beach is a thing of delight, and you even get to swim with the dolphins.


To experience Hawaiian culture, Oahu offers the opportunity of historical attractions, exhibitions, and museums. Also with the dotted villages about the island, you can learn as much as you want from the locals.

If you are thinking about you next beach vacation, you can’t go wrong on the Oahu Island of Hawaii. It is such a fun place!


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