Tips to getting you a free business class upgrade

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Purchasing a flight ticket that sets you back $5000 US for you to fly in style and comfort is simply not an option for many of us. However, what a lot of us don’t know is that most airlines can upgrade their passengers if they meet stipulated guidelines from economy class for free. I will try to let you in on the secret that air operatives look for so you can use this to your advantage to receive a free business class upgrade. The following tips have been disclosed by various check-in staff of some of the world’s major airlines.

  1. Mannerism, be polite. You stand more chance of a pleasant surprise if your attitude towards the check in staff is cordial and kind. Remember there are a lot of people in the queue, so stand out, smile, use their name, you just might get lucky.
  2. Sign on to a frequent flyer programme, even if you do not fly often. This increases your chances for an upgrade, as the airline would be far more willing to reward your loyalty.
  3. Dress smart when you travel, you have almost no chance of getting a free upgrade if you are dressed in shorts, scruffy t-shirt and flip flops. So at least take the time to wear a decent shirt and pants or dress, the aim here is to strike a balance. Not too fancy like you are trying too hard, but looking smart in the key.
  4. Ask for an upgrade. Remember if you don’t ask you won’t get. The deal is to gauge the situation properly before asking. You definitely won’t get anything from a stressed staff. Make sure the counter staff is responsive before you pop the question, it just might work.
  5. Check in early. The staff are aware well in advance on the number of passengers boarding, so they also know if there are spare seats in the business class section

Good luck!

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