How to keep your items safe when travelling

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Travelling is generally a rewarding experience, but it can sometimes also be unpleasant (I guess its all about learning). Situations, where you lose your passport or luggage, is a traveller’s worst nightmare. It is thus wise to prepare, should in case such a thing happens.

One of the most important item to a travelling passenger is the passport. It should be kept along with your cash and tickets on your person where it can be easily reached. If you can, it is ideal to memorise your passport number. Should you lose it, at least you would be able to quote this to the immigration officer to facilitate a quicker replacement.

Typically most people use the same bag(s) for different trips. Be sure to remove old travel tags to ensure that only the new ones are attached to your luggage to avoid them being loaded on a wrong flight. Always securely lock your bag and label it boldly inside and on the outside. You might be surprised how many different travellers carry the same brand of luggage. Personal labelling would significantly reduce the chances of your bags ending up with some other travellers.

Travel with the right amount of bags you can carry for the duration of your trip. This would make you less stressed when you are not sure of where the taxi or bus stop is located. Be conscious of your surroundings, never allow a stranger take charge of your luggage.

If you are staying in a hotel located on a busy street, upon entering your room, check sliding doors, connecting rooms, and windows to see if they are secure. Typically the more expensive hotels are better secured.

If your room has a vault or a safety deposit box, use it. Get into the habit of leaving your room key with the receptionist at the lobby, claim it back on your way in.

Always verify who is at your hotel door before answering it. Should someone pretend to be an employee of the hotel, and you haven’t requested any assistant, confirm from the front desk before opening your door.

Most importantly, ensure your hotel room door is always locked.

Travel safe.

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