Stop – do you need that Four season tent?

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A four-season tent is principally different from a regular tent because it is tighter with, sturdier and heavier outer walls. When closed it keeps out any worrisome natural element, while you sleep in peacefully. Thus, being much more rugged, they fit especially well in extreme weather conditions. This does not mean they are not robust enough to be used on a pleasant summer night. Most four-season tents are styled with an extra outer fly, which when unzipped has little resistance to the cooling summer breeze. This characteristic makes them your versatile all year tent.

However, some four-season tents which are fashioned for very extreme conditions, like that you find on high mountains or the poles. You definitely can’t go camping with it on a balmy summer day. These highly specialised tents have narrow ventilation panels which are effective at retaining heat inside. One warms days, being inside one of these is synonymous to sitting in a sauna. They are generally heavier than regular tents so you will also need extra muscle to carry them about.

Most of all four-season tents cost more, a good one will set you back $500 or more. While a simple summer tent from you neighbourhood store would cost you about $30. Combining a regular tent with a good sleeping bag will certainly be sufficient to enjoy the outdoors on summer nights.

So before you dole out a lot of cash on a four-season tent, consider whether it is fit for purpose. Think about your camping locations and season. A regular tent might just be all you need.



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