Colorado’s whitewater season for adventurers

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Two activities which define adventuring in Colorado are kayaking and whitewater rafting. Last winter snow has primed the thirteen Colorado’s river network into its present fantastic condition for the state’s whitewater season.

These rivers are unique every year, as the annual change in feel and shape is due to the action of melted snow and run-off of the preceding winter. This dynamic landscape continually attracts water-sport enthusiast, who come back again and again to savour its unending surprises. The Colorado rivers charm families in search of laid-back floating trips and the adrenaline pumping thrill-seekers. In fact, anyone who loves to test their paddle capability will find the Colorado rivers a gem.

Experts suggest that kayakers and rafters will enjoy sustained stream flow throughout the whole of 2016 season on the Colorado rivers, Animas, Yampa, Green, Cache la Poudre and Arkansas.

From the middle of May to the end of June, the flow within this period is most ideal. However, early in the season in April you beat the crowd and catch the wildest white-water. An added bonus is there are plenty of deeply discounted packages during the beginning of the season. For the unadulterated floating trips, the end of July and August is the perfect time to visit, as the Colorado waters are at their calmest.

For a true Colorado whitewater experience, call up your army of weekend adventurers and get the fantastic group discounts offered by most operatives throughout the season.

On your arrival, be sure to be ready for the most titillating water experience of your life. The guides around know the Rapids intimately so be assured you won’t get lost. They entertain you with anecdotes, cook for you and show you the beautiful fauna and flora unique to the area. Included in most of this vacation packages are all the gear you will need to enjoy whitewater rafting. No matter your level of skill, there are pros and safety experts to help make your trip exciting, pleasurable and more!

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