A rough guide to visiting Morocco

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The vibe of Morocco for people outside is shaped primarily by stories from its top tourist spots of Casablanca, Rabat, Fez and Marrakesh.

Morocco is located on the North Western coast of Africa, with Rabat as its capital. The country’s proximity to Spain has made it the most popular African vacation destination for Europeans. The ease of visiting Morocco by road, sea and air has encouraged this, as well as its culture and distinct style.

There is no shortage of where to stay when you visit, as there are numerous boutique hotels available. You may find it difficult to choose because each one of these hotels is truly unique. Take for instance the Dar Zemora in Marrakesh, which boasts of a mere five rooms, but the decoration, furnishing, and service is superb. It is a perfect to stay if you want to be close to the attraction Marrakesh offers. For one of the best view in North Africa, the Kasbah du Toubkal in the Atlas Mountains is your ideal pick. The casual feel of the hotel and services brings the scenic surrounding close to you, giving a sense of belonging. Whether you choose the bustle of Marrakesh, the relaxing Essaouira beaches or the quiet of the Atlas Mountains, you can be assured that you will find the right hotel for your stay.

Regardless of which path visiting Morocco takes you, I would recommend you take some time out to see Marrakesh.  It is an eclectic city, with its distinct blend of the old and the new world in harmony. The beautiful buildings and craft is something to experience. The markets (souks) organised by trade gives you an intimate insight into the lives of the locals. Located at the city center is the Place Djemma El Fna, here the throng of crowd find amusement. Walk through Marrakesh old town, and soak in its grand medieval buildings and delightful gardens. This charm doesn’t stop here, you can also explore the Sahara market town of Tata, the whitewashed buildings of coastal Essaouira, the magnificent buildings of Rabat. This list does not do it justice, there are far many things to explore and see in Morocco.

Getting around the country is relatively easy, you could hire a car to explore the region during your visit. However, if you are on tight budget, hire for a day or two and complement with public transport. Morocco runs a shared taxi system which is economical, fast and straightforward to use. You could try the bus network, which is much cheaper compared to the cab, comfortable but slower in getting around. For your intercity travel, the train is also an affordable and convenient choice.

Visiting Morocco grants you the opportunity to experience the harmony in difference.


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