A cruise along the Mediterranean sea

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The Mediterranean cruise is made motley by the over 120 seaports dotted along the Mediterranean coastline. Cruises about this region offer varied forms of vacation packages, from the standard one-week to the longer trips. There is no shortage of what to do or see. Never a boring moment on shore or at sea.

You get the opportunity to be exposed to a plethora of cultures when you choose the Mediterranean cruise. Of the seventeen countries, you could visit include Egypt, Spain, and Greece to mention just a few. You get to experience each of these countries splendid individuality as you sail about the beautiful Mediterranean blue sea.

As a result of its charm, more than 50 cruise operatives compete for your money. Some of these companies specialise in the Western Mediterranean cruise, with emphasis on ports in Morocco, Spain, France, Portugal and Italy. While others the Eastern Mediterranean cruise, with stops in Turkey, Greece, Croatia and most Middle Eastern countries.

The most famous of these cruises package would typically include stops in Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, Morocco, and the Greek islands. For longer voyage, you could easily purchase a package that takes you to most of the Mediterranean countries, if not all.

The depth of history, culture, architecture and stunning islands is all part of the attraction of a cruise in the Mediterranean sea.

On the Western cruise, you discover the Spanish white Andalucian villages, the French Riviera, the dormant volcano of Mt. Vesuvius, and you even get to taste the world renowned  Manzanilla sherry. You also travel to ancient Pompeii, Rome and the Islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The list is endless, there is so much to see, taste and love.

For the Eastern cruise, the amazing city of Dubrovnik, Croatia beacons, south-eastwards is Greece and its balmy islands, with its famous Place of Knossos in Crete. Jerusalem is also on your path to explore as well as the Suez Canal in Egypt from Port Said. This region has witnessed numerous rise and demise of ancient civilisations. It is the birthplace of one of the oldest human cities of 3200 BC located in present-day Egypt, where its Pharaohs ruled supreme

The Mediterranean cruise will suit anyone who wants to explore the space where the old world meets the new.


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