Why you need a basic boating course

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Whichever type of boat you’re on, boating is always an exciting experience. A lot of people can attest to this, but with great pleasure comes responsibility.  There are quite a few sailing courses available, I think might be especially beneficial to not only the inexperienced but also the seasoned sailor.  Most of them are packed with up to date information. Some of the ten common things you learn on a basic boating course are as follows.

  1. Equipment safety and minimum requirement of items to have on your boat before you undertaking any journey. This information is crucial to your survival at sea, especially when you are faced with an emergency. Thus, knowledge of having the right kit onboard is necessary to see out untoward situations. Not have these essential items on your boat might cost if the authorities do a spot check. You could be easily fined for health and safety negligence.
  1. At basic boating courses, you learn about channel markers and their meaning. Not knowing what this green and red markers mean makes you a moving hazard to other waterway users.
  1. When steering a boat, you are navigating through unpredictable air and water currents. For those of you who don’t know, mooring a boat is more complicated than you imagine. It is important to consider the angle of approach, the speed of your vessel, the air and water speed in other to berth safely with causing damage.
  1. Breaking the speed limits on certain waterways, even if it’s not posted would definitely result in a fine.
  1. These courses teach you who owns the right of way similar to what you have on land travel.
  1. Work with lines and knots tying is part of basic boating. Learning the different knots types and function is needed for you to secure your boat properly. You do not want to come back to where you berthed a few hours ago to find your boat drifting due to a lousy knot.
  1. You learn to navigate coastal waters by reading charts. This helps you steer away from shallow places which may run you aground. Such maps show you the location of important road markers, bridges, and it also helps estimate the time and distance away from your destination.
  1. You will also understand what the different types of a boat horn mean. A long horn, two short horn, etc.
  1. You learn the laws and regulations of safe sea travel. Breaking any one of them might not only cost you but may result in imprisonment.
  1. These courses also highlight how to anchor a boat properly to avoid accidents.


Whichever boat you drive or intend to steer, from a trawler, canoe, ski boat or kayak. The knowledge of the rules and safety of sea travel are essential to a pleasurable boat ride.

Enjoy responsibly!


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