The ideal bareboat sailing experience, Turkey?

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Bareboat sailing is when you charter a vessel that does not have a crewed or a luxury sailing charter level of amenity. No sailing experience is needed to rent a bareboat; you can get a captain and crew also on these charter. On a bareboat hire, the charterer is responsible for the food and supplies to everyone onboard the vessel. You would also need to negotiate and pay the salaries of your crew and captain, as it is not included in the standard bareboat sailing package.

Bareboat sailing can be hired in almost any part of the world where sailing charters are available. If you have the required qualifications, you can sail the vessel yourself. However, you may still need an indigenous captain along with your bareboat charter, because of your lack of knowledge on the navigation hazards in different parts of the world. The charter operative would usually give you all the necessary navigational charts with instructions. This should help in ensuring that you sail safely.

Turkey is a good place to go bareboat sailing if you ever consider going on one. The available vessels for this sort of hire are well maintained and reasonably priced to grant you an excellent value vacation. Your biggest expense might be the travel cost to the boat dock in Turkey. The cost of living is relatively cheap, so your expenditure on provisions onboard would be economical as well.

Turkey gives you an easy route to bareboat sailing; you get a yacht that is well looked after and inexpensive to hire, which is well suited to accommodate a small family or several couples. The protected inlets and bays along its coast are easy to navigate. There is also the beautiful sailing view to enjoy. A Bareboat charter gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing your itinerary. You get to explore the Turkish exotic scenery, landscape, culture, whatever interests you.

Bareboat sailing in Turkey grants you a relaxing holiday; there are no high waves, tides or currents to worry about. In the summer, the afternoon wind is normally steady, making it perfect for sailing. The water temperature is also right for swimming during the summer, and your boat could easily substitute for a diving platform. Whether you have experienced bareboat sailing or are considering it for the first time. Turkey is one location that should be high on your list.


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