Enjoy the Alaskan glaciers and wildlife from an exclusive Alaska Yacht Charter

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On a crewed Alaska boat hire, you get the opportunity to see the numerous surprises of Alaska, from the magnificent whales to inspiring icy mountains reaching far into the clouds. These sort of yacht charter gives you more flexibility than you would normally get on a cruise ship. You get to visit more places/sights than the standard cruise and could even be allowed to steer the boat on your tour if you have sailing experience.

The teeming wildlife in Alaska makes it an attractive travel destination. With charismatic animals such as black bears, killer whales, mountain goats and the different species of birds local to only Alaska. It is no wonder it is a favourite travellers spot. It is a great place to visit if you are into fishing, the type of fish you catch matches the time of the year. The different species of salmon can be found from May to September and halibut available all year round to mention a few.

You can take a course on learning how to sail the Alaskan waters as you cruise along on the yacht charter. Once you are confident enough, you could save money by purchasing a bareboat yacht lease. In doing this, you ditch the captain and pick a crew of you choosing (family, friend, whoever you fancy). Having the right qualifications, food, supplies and your loved ones around, you can truly immerse yourself in the Alaskan spirit.

If you can afford it, purchase a private Alaska yacht charter, onboard with you, a Captain, deck hands, and your chosen travel companions. You get to enjoy the space and privacy with the people you want. These sort of yacht charter comes equipped with all the fishing gear you can think of, so don’t bother bringing yours. The Alaskan cruise is ideal for any occasion but honeymooning there is definitely an unforgettable experience.

There is so much to explore on this cruise, see the quaint streets, cafes, and shops in any of the small towns dotting the Alaskan coastline. See the vast wilderness, landscape and the iconic polar bears in the wild. It is really something to behold. You will be asking for more when your vacation time is up.

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