Is private jet travel going mainstream?

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Due to the increased security problems at airports these days, most companies are preferring to travel via private jets. The Air Charter Guide claimed in a survey that just after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, in the US, there was an increase of 80 % in business bookings for private jet hire.

This trend is similar in Europe as well, there has been a continual rise in the demand for private air travel. The heighten terror alert levels in most West European countries is a major contributing factor.

Since these increased security levels. The stringent and most times ridiculous security checks travellers are submitted to in airports have made public air travel a tiring and frustrating experience.

Long queues have become the norm, with intrusive body searches before boarding a flight is off-putting. The simplest of items such as bottled water, dental floss to mention a few have now become contraband.

If you can afford it, the following reasons make a strong case for flying via private charter flights as opposed to commercial airlines.

In a private jet travel, you tend to know who your fellow travellers are. From the pilot, any other passenger to the luggage on board the flight. This knowledge is always reassuring compared to the uncertainty of cruising at 30,000 feet with strangers.

The problems of long queues, unnecessary security checks, and cancellation or delays are taken out the equation. It is your flight, and you schedule the time of your departure. This is why the private jet charter has always been the choice of long distance travel for top corporate executives.

There is also the increase business productivity, as you can conduct meetings, send a fax, make phone calls at your own convenience and privacy. It can be essentially your office in the sky. All these facilities make it great at optimising good use of time

There are now an increasing number of private individuals who now consider private jet hire a viable alternative to the current chaotic commercial flights. Private jet operatives have recently claimed that close to 90 % of the inquiries they receive are mainly from new non-business clients.

I think private air travel is moving mainstream and may not be as exclusive as most of us might want to think. More people seem to warm to the idea, as a result of the security loopholes in public air travel.

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