Choosing the right Frequent Flyer Program

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Airlines are aware of how expensive it is to acquire a new client and also know much easier and cost effective it is to keep an old customer. In other to keep returning customers, most airlines have introduced some form of frequent flyer program. This basically rewards you for flying.

The typical frequent flyer program would typically grant you benefits depending on your number of miles traveled or your number of trips. The rewards would most likely be a free ticket or an upgrade to fist class.  Other carriers also have an elite scheme which gives you an ‘affinity credit card’ that earns you mileage credits when you things using the card. Such systems may reward you by providing priority check-in and boarding facilities.

However, before you jump on the first flyer program that comes your way, you may want to read the documentations and fine print as well. Below are a few key things to check for:

  • What are the minimum and rates at which credits would be earned?
  • How much credit do you need to earn before you get the reward that interest you?
  • Do you have more interest in free tickets or upgrades?
  • Is there an expiry date for accumulated credits?
  • Would your rewards be transferable?
  • Does the airline fly to your most frequent destination and does it have links to car rental companies and hotels?

Be aware that these airlines have the right to change their terms and conditions as they deem necessary which could affect your earning potential or old earnings.

Regularly check you flight mileage and compare it to your airline statement in their correspondence to you.

Most carriers add new routes to their flyer even after you’ve joined. Seek information from your carrier on how such changes affect your reward points.

A note of warning, do not join up to these schemes in a bid to sell off your earnings, you will be caught. All carriers are aware of this type misuse and have checks in place to stifle it.

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